Gay Couple Allegedly Booted From CTA Bus For Kissing

Happening In the Bus:

A gay couple is thinking about documenting protestations against CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) after a transport driver supposedly attempted to have them expelled from the transport for kissing.

The two men say that the driver shouted homophobic slurs at them and called the police after they declined to leave the transport.

Christopher Buchanan, 22, and his beau Derrell Hughes boarded a 146 southbound transport in Lakeview on Oct. 22, in the wake of leaving an evening program at the Broadway Youth Center, Buchanan said.

“I was holding his hand and kissing and so forth,” Buchanan told Windy City Times.

As the transport drew closer downtown, he said, a moderately aged white lady drew closer the transport driver to whine about the two.

The driver purportedly got up and told Buchanan and Hughes that somebody had grumbled about them and that they expected to get off his transport.

The couple declined to leave, so the driver called police and a CTA manager, closing the transport down for two hours. Buchanan and Hughes in the end left the transport. Buchanan trusted he and Hughes were focused on in light of the fact that they were two dark men kissing on a transport and said, “Straight individuals kiss on the transport constantly.”

The couple is being spoken to by Jacob Meister of The Civil Rights Agenda, who’s seeking after a common determination before legitimate move is made.

We’d like to know why the driver held up until somebody griped as the transport achieved downtown? In the event that Hughes and Buchanan were taking part in PDAs on the transport and the transport driver “can’t stand fags,” why didn’t the driver stop sooner?

Another story: In the Cab

A gay couple charges a guiltless peck about made them be catapulted from their taxicab onto a downpour slicked Kennedy Expressway not long ago.

Steven White and his beau Matt McCrea were en route from O’Hare Airport Thursday night, they tell CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

Amid the ride, McCrea “hung over to take a gander at something on the telephone and afterward he inclined into kiss me,” White reviews.

McCrea says it was a shut mouth kiss that kept going the greater part of a second. It didn’t run over well with their taxicab driver, the two men say.

“He demonstrated that it was an open method of transportation and we shouldn’t kiss in his taxicab,” White says. “He pulled the taxi over and ceased and needed us to get out — on the Kennedy.”

“He could have requested that we kindly don’t do that and handle the circumstance a considerable measure uniquely in contrast to it was taken care of,” McCrea says.

It was 11:30 p.m. The Park Ridge Police Department was called where the couple was dropped off at a supermarket on South Cumberland. The driver said the couple was “making sex,” yet police found no verification of the case.

CBS 2 looked for input from Sun Taxi Associates about the driver being referred to — without any result.

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, the city’s supervisor of taxicabs, said drivers have rights however can’t segregate.

The division tells CBS 2 they’ll research any case against the driver. The couple plans to file a complaint.

“Once in a while in my life have I ever thought about whether I would have been dealt with distinctively on the off chance that I were hetero,” White says. “That idea barely ever enters my thoughts, however the previous evening I pondered.”

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